hip hop


Hip-hop is an exhilarating and highly popular dance style that embraces the spirit of freedom, allowing dancers to express their unique personalities through fluid and dynamic movements. Drawing inspiration from the latest trends in dance and music, our classes create an electrifying atmosphere where students can immerse themselves in age-appropriate music and movements. Join us as we groove and break barriers to the rhythm of today’s hottest beats!


Musicality, self-expression, endurance, self-confidence, body and spatial awareness, strength.

* This class is designed for instruction in hip-hop only.  If you are looking to have a combination class with hip-hop and jazz, we encourage you to look for those classes labeled jazz/hip-hop on our schedule.


We encourage stylish, trendy attire and sneakers or tan jazz shoes if joining a combined jazz/hip hop class. Examples would be joggers, track pants, sweatpants, tees, tank tops, hoodies, basketball shorts, leggings, etc. 


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