Ballet is an artistic, classical form of dance that showcases the beauty of movement while harmonizing with music. With its precise techniques and graceful execution, this dance encompasses barre work, center floor, and across-the-floor progressions. By mastering these fundamental elements, dancers achieve a solid foundation for proper training and cultivate their skills. Moreover, it serves as the cornerstone for numerous other dance genres, illustrating its significant influence on the diverse world of dance.


Better posture, flexibility, strength, grace, balance, coordination

Pointe classes for more experienced dancers are offered after many years of ballet training, an assessment period to determine if a dancer is ready, and a conference with our Ballet Director. If your dancer is interested in pointe classes, please email us for more information.


Girls: Ballet leotard, ballet skirt (optional), tights, pink ballet shoes, hair pulled back in a secure bun or ponytail. 

Boys: Black shorts, tights, or leggings, tank or fitted t-shirt, and black ballet shoes.


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